When August Läpple founded his company back in 1919, his passion for producing sheet metal parts shone through. Over the decades, the spirit of our founder has inspired us and spurred us on to become a leading provider of sophisticated forming solutions in car body assembly for premium vehicles. We have never swerved from our corporate objective, which is to remain at the forefront of technological developments in this dynamic business.

Cost-effective solutions that are perfectly matched to the production situation of our customers – that’s our aim and that is why we relish getting our teeth stuck into new challenges every day. If it can be improved, we make it better. If it can be simplified, we make it easier. Today, we are already one of the leading suppliers of aluminium bodyshell components. This expertise in the area of lightweight construction provides us with a solid basis for developing the multi-material mix approach in a logical way to harness the benefits for our customers’ premium vehicles.