The body of any vehicle is made up of a vast number of individual parts. Whether visible or hidden away from sight, these are what give the vehicle its characteristic shape while also ensuring stability and safety.
Precision and efficiency are absolutely vital when producing components. Ultimately, however, the quality of a finished body also depends in particular on having mastery of the materials and processes used in the press shop and on the body-in-white assembly line.

LÄPPLE AUTOMOTIVE has spent many decades establishing itself as a leading provider of sophisticated forming solutions in car body assembly for premium vehicles and as a specialist in sheet metal part forming and assembly manufacture.

We have a wealth of expertise and many years of experience in handling and processing a wide range of materials, such as steel, aluminium and high-tensile steels. This makes LÄPPLE AUTOMOTIVE a highly competent partner that customers can rely on for any issues relating to body part production. 

We manufacture pressings and blanks of all kinds. In addition to simple stampings, these also include complex structural parts and complete body side panels. On top of that, we join individual parts together on our body-in-white assembly line to create body components and systems of all sizes and levels of complexity.

But we also like to stay on top of things by keeping an eye on the future. That means focusing on lightweight construction materials and their use as part of a material mix. Although this imposes stringent demands on our process technology when manufacturing parts and when carrying out simulations, it is a challenge that we are more than happy to face. Together, we can develop solutions that not only accommodate demanding design requirements but also reduce costs and improve production flexibility and efficiency at the same time.