LÄPPLE AUTOMOTIVE is a partner on whom you can rely – even during the early phases of a project.
For almost 100 years, our profession has been planning, organising and executing series production and development projects for car body parts. Benefit from our extensive expertise in sheet metal forming from the word go. The LÄPPLE AUTOMOTIVE team will safely guide your project from predevelopment through to its successful completion. We are there to provide assistance along the entire product creation chain and support you through every step of the process, taking care of project management on your behalf. Whether it is a question of parts development, simultaneous engineering or designing tools and car body assembly systems – our technical planners have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to forming technology.

We procure operating equipment and systems from all over the world. As part of this, our supplier management system – which imposes stringent design and quality requirements – ensures that the specifications are clear and that the procurement process is carefully controlled.


We will take care of predevelopment for you and check whether your product can be manufactured in principle. We get involved even before the production project is awarded to ensure top quality right from the start. We carry out simulations and analyses to check the methods/concepts and their feasibility in relation to both individual parts and parts used in car body assembly.


We plan how everything is going to be implemented on the press and check our capacity. After that, feasibility simulations are carried out and some initial conclusions are drawn concerning the springback behaviour. Throughout, we keep a constant eye on the basic parameters that have been set. The detailed method plan that we produce for you using CAD is the basis of the quality exhibited by the car body parts.

Engineering of car body parts

While the individual parts are being engineered, we simultaneously design the car body part systems in terms of the assembly sequences, degree of capacity utilisation and quality requirements. We like to take a wide-lens view here, because efficient production can only be achieved by planning the systems thoroughly and precisely. Throughout the process, we never lose sight of proximity to customers and transparency, remaining in close contact with our internal and external interface partners in order to agree the best possible concept.