If you are still at school, it will be a while before you actually embark on your career but perhaps you would like to gain some initial work experience through a placement. Or maybe you already have a clutch of school leaving qualifications and want to find a place on a training scheme or on a suitable course of study. LÄPPLE AUTOMOTIVE offers a range of exciting training opportunities that will arm you with the commercial or technical skills you need to progress in your chosen career.

LÄPPLE AUSBILDUNGS GmbH is in charge of providing solid and thorough training on behalf of the entire LÄPPLE Group. It looks after all of the group’s trainees, a role it has been performing for more than 80 years. The LÄPPLE apprentice school was established as a department in its own right back in 1930 and became a separate training company in 1986. Having dealt with trainees for so many years, LÄPPLE AUSBILDUNGS GmbH has a wealth of experience and can provide you with the best possible support as you launch your professional career. Our pass rate and retention rate after training are both nearly 100%.

What sets us apart as a training company? Our trainees are introduced step by step to the tasks of their chosen occupational fields and have the opportunity to actively participate in their own, real-life projects.

We believe it is important that you choose your profession or study course with your goals in mind and with a long-term focus – in line with your interests, inclinations and aptitudes. Do you have any questions about your options? We will be happy to offer support and advice.


So you’ve successfully completed your secondary education and are interested in joining a training scheme at LÄPPLE? During your training at our company, you will become thoroughly grounded in the theory by attending classes and will work on real-life jobs/projects under competitive conditions. In the process, you will improve your personal skills and by the end will be perfectly prepared to embark on an operational role.


  • Toolmaker
  • Machinist (in Heilbronn only)
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Electronics engineer for production engineering
  • Industrial management assistant
  • Warehouse logistics specialist (in Heilbronn only)
  • Technical product designer (in Heilbronn only)

Interested? Then apply for one of our vocational training options. Detailed information on all of our opportunities can be found on the LÄPPLE AUSBILDUNGS GmbH page.


Are you someone who doesn't just want to learn the theory but also wants to gain practical experience? We offer two ways of completing a practical course of study.



Are you interested in Maths, Physics, German and English? Have you successfully completed your university entrance exam? Do your strengths include both the ability to work independently and as part of a team? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, you have every reason to apply for a place on the LÄPPLE dual study course.

In collaboration with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), we offer study courses where you alternate between theoretical and practical phases. This means you will either be based at LÄPPLE or at the university according to which particular phase of the course you are currently in. In this way, you can put what you have learnt directly into practice.


As an alternative to undertaking a dual course of study, LÄPPLE AUSBILDUNGS GmbH also offers you the opportunity to follow a cooperative course of study. With this option, you do a condensed apprenticeship to start with, followed by a study course at the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences. Once you graduate, you will have an officially recognised qualification and an academic degree under your belt.

Have you successfully completed your university entrance exam and are you interested in Maths, Physics, German and English? Do you also have an understanding of technology, the ability to work independently, as well as a keen interest in working in a team? If so, we are bound to have the right cooperative course of study for you.

Take a look now and secure your place! You can find all dual and cooperative study course places on the LÄPPLE AUSBILDUNGS GmbH page.


Do you fancy dipping your toe into the world of work and gaining some initial work experience? Are you interested in working with metal or in carrying out office-based admin duties?

If so, we invite you to do your work experience placement with LÄPPLE AUSBILDUNGS GmbH!



To maximise your chances of securing a place on one of our schemes, we recommend submitting your application as early as possible before the start of your preferred work experience placement, internship, training course or studies. Whichever opportunity you decide to apply for, it is always a case of “the earlier, the better” because we start our selection process and get our formal offers out early.

Please send your application documents to LÄPPLE AUSBILDUNGS GmbH, who are in charge of handling training on behalf of the entire LÄPPLE Group.

All information on the application process can be found here.



Klaus Neuwirth    
August-Läpple-Straße 1   
74076 Heilbronn, Germany   

T +49 7131 131-896   


Markus Wiendl
August-Läpple-Platz 1
93158 Teublitz, Germany

T +49 9471 999-911

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