Our philosophy and approach – in other words, the way we think and act – are crucial to successful company development. The values of the LÄPPLE Group are what drives these thoughts and actions. They determine our corporate culture and they are our commitment regarding our behaviour towards society, our business partners, and among each other.

The values are divided into three brand values and three intrinsic values.
Our brand values communicate what we stand for and exactly what can be expected from all LÄPPLE companies and staff.
On the other hand, our intrinsic values communicate who we are. They articulate the attitude and disposition adopted by the LÄPPLE team in its day-to-day operations.

This simple structure combines the aspects which drive us with the aspects which are important to everyone with a legitimate interest in LÄPPLE.



As a company which acts in accordance with its statements, our word is our bond. With our reliable product and service portfolio, we are preferred partners for the development and manufacturing of products, processes and solutions. As an independent supplier of technology products, we are proud to provide our customers with reliable and efficient solutions.


Our proximity to our customers and to the requirements of the market means we are able to offer customised solutions and adapt to new market developments more quickly. Since we know the wishes and requirements of our customers, we can provide specific consultation services and deliver solutions that perfectly match customer processes – with short delivery cycles and personalised service.


We support our employees’ skills with modern technology, attractive workplaces and training for personal development. Through our comprehensive range of technological, process, and service expertise, we provide unique competitive advantages to our customers.



Successful companies and successful careers are created through expertise and quality. Throughout the company, we strive for success. This guides our thinking and daily actions. We use our strengths to pursue our company goals and offer our customers exactly the products and services that they need to ensure their success.


We act responsibly in our interactions with each other, as well as with our customers and with the environment. We use our resources responsibly for sustainable growth. Collaboration with our customers, suppliers and partners is defined by responsibility. We treat information with due care and ensure the functionality of our products and flawless processes.


Our employees are actively involved in innovation processes. Innovations form the basis of commercial success. They ensure that we will continue to maintain our competitive edge in the future. We are an attractive partner and provide our customers with ideas for the further development of products and processes. We continuously optimise our processes, services and products.